WINE tasting and story telling

On my birthday, I was taken for a surprise ride. We arrived at the Panton Hill Winery. It was a boutique winery just 38km from the Melbourne CBD and 30 minutes from my home. It was an excellent choice for our family quick getaway.

I had a wine tasting and was happy that I brought my new toy with me. If you know me well, I treat everything, everyone and everyday as an important learning opportunity.

When Dorothy, the director of Panton Hill Winery, started the wine tasting, I thought I cannot let this great opportunity of learning from the Master slipped away. I asked for her permission to film with my action camera.

Next week, I will talk to my capstone project students about preparing their business presentation. I have prepared a previous short clip about story telling technique as part of our workshops next week about using story telling to engage our audience and present our project journey.

When Dorothy started talking, I saw a master presenter in front of me. I can’t wait to show my students her presentation next week. You can tell the depth and breadth of her knowledge and skills, not just about her own business, but her focus on her customer experience at the wine tasting with everyone in front of her.

First of all, she kept the order in a very simple way that will take us on a learning journey. What she did extra was combining our neurological and biological reactions towards the chemistry that takes place between wine and food. She teaches us with technical terms without making us feel like we are sitting in a science lecture.

She built a journey for the wine to dance on our tastes buds while guiding us with clear positive expectations after each tasting.

When one of us choke on the wine, she quickly got some feedback and offered a second try with encouragement without being pushy. Just like how we should feel when we are learning something new.

My words do not justify and showcase how well Dorothy works her magic at the wine tasting table. Please watch the clip and see it yourself.

Thank you very much, Dorothy. I had a pleasant and happy experience (especially with my Verdelho coming home with me) on my birthday.

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