A big thank you

You come across many people in your life. Some you may not remember their names, but their faces live in your memory. There are a few that you will never forget because their connections with you have changed your life forever.

This blog is dedicated to that special person in my life and the lives of many that have been linked to this remarkable individual.

He is Prof On Kit Tam. He is my PhD supervisor, mentor, research partner and the person who patiently listen to my many crazy ideas. He supports me and is the light and force behind my many successful and failed explorations.

Jing, Helen, myself and Jennifer, among his many PhD graduates, are sharing our thoughts and gratitude to Prof Tam below.

Prof Tam, we wish you a great adventure ahead.


Prof Jing Zhou, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Associate Professor Helen Hu, University of Melbourne

Associate Professor Monica Jurin, Melbourne Institute of Technology

Ms Jennifer Huang, Graduating PhD Candidate